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Now if the Frosties ad. is bad this is funny… June 16, 2006

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now we've all seen the honday ad. this is what it feels like to be a honda… but this by 118 is awsome definatly worth a watch.

ps. tell us all what you think…


The Most Annoying Ad. Ever! June 14, 2006

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this is the new Frosties Ad. tell me what you think of it, i know what i think….

 keep checking the best of the newidea' for great videos… + some that are for taking the pi**

The Chief is back!!! May 16, 2006

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Well guys, if you are gamers you will know that E3 recently came to a close. On may the 11th Bungie dropped one mother of a bombshell on an unsuspecting world, Halo 3. This will be the third and last forseeable outing of the Master Chief and the game will be out sometime next year. What are you hoping to see in this last incarnation of the Halo universe?

Newidea’s May 15, 2006

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Dear all readers, post talking to archol we have have noticed a good hit rating but little response if you want to see and hear more of the above please say so, also any other stuff you want to hear about please leave a comment here or email, the_newidea@yahoo.co.uk . New stuff coming your way very soon…..

well time has gone by… May 12, 2006

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well mr blair is crumbling fast at the helm, mr brown is ready to fill his shoes…

but forgetting all that i think that any man ready may be distracted by this link… (found via the Englishman … not work safe..)

please comment on what you read.. all comments are well received

took long enough… May 5, 2006

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has mr Blair reaised the public image of the party he leads?

Clarke Sacked

who voted? May 5, 2006

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The main winners were the Tories, who had their best results since 1992. The Lib Dems failed to make much headway.

Elsewhere the BNP doubled its councillors, including winning 11 seats from Labour in Barking. The Greens and Respect also made gains.

The prime minister has reshuffled his Cabinet to try to regain momentum after days of bad headlines.

The projected vote share if the polls were held nationwide shows the Tories on 40%, Lib Dems 27% and Labour 26%. Turnout is estimated at 36% – down three points from 2004. 

labout losses

make what you like but can the tories build on what they have acheived?

something new on google… May 2, 2006

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it has long been that google have presented beta software, G-mail for example but this is very new it is google sketch up, this is a free, easy-to-learn 3D-modeling program with a few simple tools to let you create 3D models of houses, sheds, decks, home additions, woodworking projects, and even space ships. it soungs like this could be useful to some people …

something for the gents… May 1, 2006

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now gentlement, i bet most of you know who daisy duke is? it was a while ago that the new dukes of hazard was released but this is a good video (not sure of the song) but if it is daisy duke AKA jessica simpson you are after i sugest you skip to near the end where she is washing the car with not many clothes on….

watch it here

Times are bad, for all May 1, 2006

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A Labour backbencher has called for "clarity" on when Tony Blair will hand over to Gordon Brown.

Caerphilly MP Wayne David told the BBC's Good Morning Wales programme that last week was the Government's worst.

It followed the revelation of John Prescott's affair and the foreign prisoners bungle.